Why it Makes Sense to Clean and Deodorize Your Shoes

A new pair of shoes will look clean and smell fresh, but over time and with constant use that same pair of shoes will likely look a bit worn and may not smell so good. However, if you care for your shoes, they will not only last longer but they will not smell as funky either. So, how can you keep your shoes looking good and smelling fresher?

According to the folk at ShoeFresh, regularly spraying your shoes with a shoe deodorizer spray will keep them smelling clean and fresh. In fact, just one spray could eliminate odors for up to three months.

The whole point of a deodorizing spray is to prevent the buildup of bacteria. It is this that causes shoes and, subsequently, feet to smell bad. Shoes, particularly closed shoes, can get warm and moist and this type of environment is a breeding ground for bacteria. But apart from preventing smells, are there any other reasons to clean and deodorize your shoes?

Clean Shoes Last Longer

Sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop your shoes from getting dirty. If you are out and about in wet weather, keeping your shoes clean is likely to be a hard-fought task. Splashes from dirty puddles of water can mark the upper part of the shoes and the soles might get covered in dirt. But although there is not much you can do to prevent your shoes from getting dirty, leaving them like that is never a good idea.

Dirt and mud that is allowed to harden on a pair of shoes can affect their longevity. Some materials might be more adversely affected than others. For example, suede and leather shoes may not last as long as they should if they are not protected or cleaned regularly.

Clean Shoes Make a Good Impression

Imagine rocking up to a job interview or a first date in a smelly, dirty old pair of sneakers. It is highly likely that you would not get the job or a second date. Although your ability to do the job or to be a good partner should not depend on the state of your shoes, people do create first impressions of individuals based on their appearance (rightly or wrongly). A scruffy pair of shoes does not look good.

How to Keep Your Shoes Clean and Fresh

While a good deodorizing spray will help to eliminate bacteria and odors, it is not the only defense that you have. Regular cleaning is important to prolong the life of your shoes, and you should avoid wearing the same pair every day. Even if they are your favorite, most comfortable shoes, they will last much longer if you alternate them with another pair of shoes.

After wearing your shoes all day, give them a chance to dry out and air, which will prevent bacteria from accumulating. If your feet were particularly sweaty, try stuffing the shoes with newspaper or cat litter to draw out moisture and smells.


Keeping shoes looking clean and smelling fresh is important for many reasons. If you wear the same pair of shoes every day, they will never get a chance to air and are likely to become very worn and smelly. To prevent this from happening, you should get into the habit of wearing your shoes every other day at most, and use a good deodorizing spray.

It also makes sense to clean your shoes regularly, especially so if they are noticeably dirty. Clean shoes not only look better, but they will also last longer too.