Latest Cloud Computing Services

The power of the internet has grown in the years it has been running. To leverage this immense power, cloud computing technology was created to deliver on-demand computing services.

Cloud computing has become a significant part of our everyday lives and it allows companies to rent access to applications and storage from a cloud service provider. These companies can avoid the upfront cost and complexity of owning and maintaining their own infrastructure. Cloud computing then benefits from economics of scale by providing the same service to a wide range of customers.

One of the most popular cloud computing service providers is the Google Cloud Platform. This is a cloud computing service that grew around the initial Google App Engine framework. It has products in the following categories:

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning:

Artificial intelligence is the concept of machines being able to carry out tasks so they can be considered smart.

Machine learning is allowing the machines to learn by themselves by giving them data

API management

This is the process by which applications are made in a secure and scalable environment. API management the needs of developers and applications that may use the API are being met.


This is completing calculations by use of computer running services such as; App Engine, compute engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Function, and Cloud Run.


Technology is essential for IT infrastructure protection.

Data analytics

This is making sense of big data

Storage and Database

This is an organized collection of structured information or data. It enables the storage of media files, backups, and other file-like objects. It runs the services; Clod storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Database.

Developer tools

These are tools used to inspect page tags, edit CSS, and show which assets are being used and how long they took to load. They also enable software and application development.

Internet of things

Describes the network of physical objects that connect over the internet

Management tools

These are systems, applications, controls, calculating solutions, and methods used to ensure competitive position and cope with changing markets.

Google provides other services like Google Workspace, Firebase, and Orbitera which are not part of its Cloud Platform.

Why is Google Cloud Platform popular?

Competitive pricing

When shopping around for the cloud platform to suit your needs, be sure you check out Google Cloud Pricing. This is one of Google’s standout features. They offer a monthly pricing plan and committed discounts.


Google provides its customers with network speeds of up to 10Tbs (10 terabits per second) and has low latency connections to the majority of the world.

Big Data

Google offers many tools like Big Query and Google Cloud Dataflow.

Big Query is a data warehouse enabling processing massive amounts of data at high speeds

Google also launched artificial intelligence tools and machine learning.


This service enables load-balancing of traffic across resources, creating DNS records, and more. Some of its services are VPC, Cloud Load Balancing, Cloud Armor, Cloud CDN, Cloud Interconnect, Cloud DNS, Network Service Tiers, etc.

Final words

Cloud computing will likely continue to grow and gain more users as organizations adopt it. As it continues to take up more of the services that power businesses. With the benefits, Google offers in its services and low cost, one can expect it to continue leading in converting the world to Cloud Computing.