What You Need About Matrix Connexion

Working as a Google Cloud and Workspace (formerly G Suite) Reseller Partner since 2008, MatrixC has been providing solutions, support, and training services for businesses.

Offering everything you need to get your work done from Google Workplace to Google Meet hardware, they help your organization get the most out of Google Cloud Services. The services they offer are:

Google Workspace

Formerly G Suite, Google Workspace is a service that allows organizations to use Google’s suite of cloud-based apps rather than maintaining their servers. With more advanced features than what you get for free with regular google services, it offers Shared Calendars, Custom Email Addresses, Data transfer, and mobile device integration.

Google Workspaces offer low prices for premium services and benefits for learning institutions and non-profit organizations.

Google Meet Hardware

Google Meet is one of the applications bundled in with Google Workspace for video conferencing. To improve the experience, they offer hardware compatible with Google Meet. This hardware improves voice and video quality at reasonable prices.

Google Cloud Features

Google cloud is a suite of computing services that google runs on its infrastructure. It provides these services at an affordable rate while providing high connection speeds, faster development, advanced admin control, consulting services, and cloud data transfer.


This is a service that offers powerful interactive analytics to help you make decisions with the best possible data. It allows you to connect with almost any database, create visualizations easily with drag and drop features, and share your results.

Tableau offers powerful analytics to help you with decision making, fast adoption at scale so that you can deal with big data easily, and is flexible enough to fit any enterprise architecture and data ecosystem.

Google Chromebook

Chromebooks are laptops that run Google’s Chrome OS which is a lightweight operating system that runs most of its features online while providing a fast, secure, and smart experience. Chrome OS also has android compatibility built into it so Android applications run natively on it.

They also provide training and workshopping services to prepare your team for the implementation of Google Workspace. This training is designed to work for your company depending on what services you implement into your workflow.

Being a Google Partner providing these services requires that MatrixC had to have qualified by proving that they can design, develop, manage, and administer solutions using Google Cloud technology. This is a process that takes time to ensure the quality of service provided is always up to par with what Google expects.

MatrixC is recognized as an expert in Work Transformation which google defines as “Successfully deploying G Suite to SMB organizations, which includes providing services for establishing governance, technical implementation, training people, processes, and support”

For the countries of Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, MatrixC has a reputation for designing infrastructure for the application of Google Workspace, Cloud, and Kubernetes Engine. This helped the recipient companies have more time to devote to add to their values and services and less time on technical support and services.

Final words

If you are looking into Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, or switching your employees to Chrome OS, you can contact MatrixC for more information.