What to choose Pendant Light vs Chandeliers?

A light fixture is a staple in your home décor. A well-chosen light can depict your personality and let your style shine through the home. When we speak of lighting there are particularly two types of popular choices i.e., pendant lighting and chandeliers, which can illuminate a home’s rooms with class and elegance.

We have curated this article is to help you find the perfect light source for any living area in your home by comparing the differences between pendant and chandelier lights. Before we dwell further, let’s understand the basic difference between pendant lighting and chandeliers.

What is Pendant Light?

As the name suggests, pendant lighting is a single light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. Over kitchen countertops and dinner table sets or in bathrooms, it’s often used in multiple rows or in a straight line. Hanging lights are available in a wide range of sizes and materials. Every room in your house will benefit from them.

What is Chandelier?

There are two or more light arms supporting the light source in a chandelier, which is a type of decorative lamp that hangs from the ceiling. In addition to the dozens of lights and intricate arrays of glass or crystal, chandeliers also provide illumination by refracting light. There is nothing quite like a beautiful chandelier to instantly elevate a room’s style. Light naturally attracts the eye. In terms of art, it catches the eye.

Difference Between Pendant Lighting vs Chandelier 

1. Suspension

When comparing chandeliers and pendants, one of the most obvious distinctions is how their lights are suspended. There are various lights that can be suspended from a chandelier’s branches. In pendant lighting, it consists of a single light suspended from a single string or chain.

2. Material Used

Pendant lighting and chandeliers share certain materials, but there are also some variations in the sorts of materials utilized in each. Wrought iron, brass, steel, and bronze are the most common materials used to make chandeliers, with crystal or glass being added sometimes. In pendant lights, Glass, brushed steel, nickel, stained glass, tiffany glass, and bronze are some of the materials used in its. 

Aspects of Style and Appearance

Many kinds of chandeliers and pendant lights are available. There are many different varieties of pendants, but the most prevalent are the tiny, blown glass, and single lamp shade pendants. For aesthetics, pendant lights are considered to be the most extravagant. However, a chandelier lends beauty and grandeur to any area. The product is stylish and has a high aesthetic value. Crystal, tiered, downlight, transitional, and rustic chandeliers are available. It is possible to get chandeliers in a variety of sizes ranging from tiny to small to medium to huge.Hope this article helps you pick the right interior light fixture for your ceiling.