Staging Tips When Trying to Sell Your Home

As far as selling a house is concerned, everyone hopes to have a quick sale. No one wishes to have many months of showings and open houses that are a big-time commitment. Plus, a house that sits for a long time will have to accept a lower offer, particularly if sellers are more motivated.

Although a lot of things about the selling process can be out of your control, staging is one of the things that it isn’t. Using the following staging tips will highlight the best features of your home and guarantee a quick sale:

1. Spruce up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can either make or break the overall opinion of a buyer. It isn’t necessary to invest a lot of money in renovations. A few yet affordable changes like covering an old floor with a runner or replacing the hardware will greatly improve your kitchen.

If you want your kitchen to feel spacious and bright, ensure you remove magnets on the fridge and gadgets on the countertop. Plus, be sure the grout lines, appliances, counters, and floors are clean.

2. Concentrate on the Freshness

Several potted plants may do wonders to make your house feel more inviting and fresh. If you have many potted plants, space them strategically to make sure they overwhelm no one.

Another great way to make the house look fresh is to handle bad odors. A damp bathroom, pets, last night’s dinner, and children will make your house smell bad. Inexpensive and effective tricks to give your home and refreshing aroma include:

  • Burning a vanilla-scented candle
  • Baking cinnamon-coated cooks or apples in your oven

3. Declutter

Clutter usually takes up a lot of space. According to professional home stagers, a home with big space sells a lot. With the help of a moving company, you can make your house look bigger and more desirable.

It is not a must you eliminate things completely. You can pack and get them out of your house. This may include un-seasonal clothes, décor, games, papers, and other things you don’t require.

Buyers will also look at the closets to check if there is enough storage. Hence, take enough time to get rid of non-crucial and miscellaneous things as you could.

4. Set up New Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is among the powerful tools when it comes to home staging toolkits, but most people neglect them. Suitable lighting may change different rooms completely, so it could be worth investing cash in new fixtures. If you prefer natural light, keep the blinds open.

However, if you prefer light fixtures, consider layering them within every room. With modern and effective LED bulbs, you can get light in all sorts of different temperatures and colors.

Use soft and warming lighting for a room that appears more relaxing, such as bedrooms. As for work areas and kitchens, use blue-tinged, bright, and cool light.

Final Remarks!

Home staging techniques are powerful tools for every realtor, and only for a good reason. Decluttering and cleaning may go a long way towards selling your home. 

Though this is not the only thing you need to do so as to improve buyer appeal. You can also do simple things like updating the light fixtures and adding potted plants.