Amazing features of Google workspace and how they help in a business

Google workspace provider also known as G Suite is a complete suite of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools, software, and products developed by Google cloud. It offers solutions for various problems faced by businesses or organizations such as email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation decks, shared calendars, cloud storage, and videoconferencing. Google workspace providers suggest that using Google workspace providers enhance the productivity of your business.

Google calendar

Every business needs organized schedules for various activities such as meetings and appointments. The Google calendar will help your business schedule for these activities and stick to them without any coalition or wastage of time. It’s possible also to set working hours in Google calendar that keeps co-workers at bay. Google calendar simply ensures workflow and efficiency in time management. Google Calendar comes with fantastic features designed for business use such as;

  • Smart scheduling of meetings
  • Public calendar for clients to see the upcoming events
  • Calendar inclusion with Google sites
  • Easy transfer from exchange, outlook or iCal, or ics and CSV files
  • Able to see what meeting rooms and shared resources are available.

Google chat

This feature helps you talk to your colleagues sharing your ideas, concern, and tips in real-time. Google chat also allows group chats for small group communication as well as a virtual room for an ongoing project. This helps to ensure good progress in the business as communication is always key for the success of a business 

Google drives docs, sheets, and slides apps

These features are essential for effective document collaboration. You can simultaneously work on files with your colleague without literally being in the same room. This helps to save time or messing up or losing of documents. A real-time function of the Google workspace ensures fast and effective revisions. The changes on the document are saved automatically. Besides, it provides a comment section that can be used to make remarks for colleagues on a particular point or assign various tasks. Google Sheets, also can be leveraged as a project plan where the team can provide updates, change deadlines, and add tasks in a centralized document so everyone stays updated on the initiatives and progress of the organization

Google Meet

This is a video-conferencing tool that will enable you to conduct meetings for the organizations with your colleagues without physically being in the same room. The meetings can also be recorded and saved for future references. Video-conferencing ensures quality management and sharing of ideas from all shareholders regardless of where they are. Google meets, allows live streams and real-time transcriptions.

Google Jamboard

Google jamboard works like a virtual whiteboard. It necessitates brainstorming and planning within teammates. Jamboard is usually associated with digital board devices, but remote workers can now leverage the same collaboration software via the jamboard app on a tablet or a smartphone. Google Jamboard ensures efficiency and achievement of the objectives for the meeting.

Wrapping up

Google workspace is more essential in businesses for flexibility, efficiency, and provision of quality services. It saves time and ensures sharing of ideas among colleagues regardless of their position and place they are.