Everything You Need to Know About Canadian Copper Exploration in Colombia

Do you know Colombia will become one of the world’s most significant copper explorers? Are you shocked to learn that? Well! That is the truth because Colombia has copper in large amounts and only needs to get explored. Only after a few years will you come to learn that Colombia has made its name in the realm of the copper world. And you can visit Collective Mining for more information.

Colombia is Famous for What?

Well! It is fantastic that Colombia will start exploring more and more copper. But do you know what Colombia is already producing? Colombia is extensively exploring and producing coal and gold. Colombia is not a stagnant state. It is a North American Country and highly active in mining activity. And the best thing is it will explore more copper without neglecting other explorations (Coal and Gold).

  • Colombia is not a stagnant country.
  • It is rich in many minerals.
  • It explores a lot of coal and gold.
  • And now it is starting to explore copper.

What Silvana Habib is Saying?

Do you know who Silvana Habib is and her connection with Copper and Columbia? Well! Silvana Habib is President of the National Mining Agency. She told Reuters (A News Agency) that:

We have the potential, but we are an unexplored country in terms of copper, we are located in a favorable geological environment, the Andes Mountains, we share that copper belt that neighboring countries have and are more advanced in copper.

So, it is right to anticipate that Colombia will do something huge!

Detection of the Presence of Metal

Did you know Colombia is rich in gold and coal, but apart from it, Colombia is rich in copper too? Geological studies have found that copper is present extensively in Antioquia, Córdoba, Cesar, La Guajira, and Nariño (All these are states of Colombia). And you know what, right now, there is only one copper mine in operation, present in the Jungle state of Chocó (Northwest of the Country).

  • Colombia is rich in gold and coal.
  • It is going to explore copper now.
  • ●        Colombia has copper extensively  in Antioquia, Córdoba, Cesar, La Guajira, and Nariño.
  • There is only one Mine operating in the Jungle State of Choco.
  • This Mine produces 10,000 tons of copper yearly.
  • This Mine is operated by Canadian Company Atico Mining.

Silvana Habib Further Says

“Copper is about to be explored, and we want it to become important. We want to start seeing each other in the ranking of Copper producing countries in the short and medium-term.”

“We want to move from a copper exploration stage to a country with proven reserves and to bring investors with assembly and production projects.”

Copper Belt in Colombia

Colombia is also famous because of the copper belt in it. The Colombian Copper Belt extends from Peru, Chile, and continues through Panama, and it is being explored in Ecuador. This copper belt lacks modern exploration and experiments.


Colombia is going to be the most-rich copper explorer in some time. It is already exploring coal and gold in a large amount. Extensive Copper Stocks were detected in Colombia, mainly in Antioquia, Córdoba, Cesar, La Guajira, and Nariño. Most importantly, the Colombian Copper Belt is very vast. And you can research more from a successful company named Collective Mining Ltd.

Hopefully, this article will help you know everything about Canadian Copper Exploration in Columbia!