Do Dogs Like to Wear Clothes?

The advent of social media has led to a rise in the number of people dressing their pets in fashionable clothes for a photo opportunity. But is this something that dogs like or is it, as some people seem to think, cruel and unnecessary? After all, animals in the wild don’t wear clothes.

Are Clothes Good or Bad for Dogs?

For some people, clothing is completely unnecessary for animals and the most they would ever consider is a collar or harness for dogs. The folk at Voyager Harness tell us that some people believe that clothing such as winter coats are considered to be a kindness as they keep their beloved pet warm during the colder months. Then there are those who like to dress their pets up in costumes or fashionable outfits because they think it’s cute.

The answer to whether clothes are good or bad for dogs really depends, and it is a matter of opinion. If your dog does not seem to mind wearing clothing, then there is no real harm in putting a warm coat on him when going for a walk. However, if your pet seems genuinely distressed whenever he is placed in any clothing and is trying actively to get it off, then it would seem that this is not such a great idea.

Are there Times When Your Dog Should Wear Clothes?

While some dogs are covered in long fur, other breeds do not have much at all to keep them warm when the weather is cold, and they might actually appreciate a nice warm coat when going for a walk.

Some dogs are actually calmed by the feeling of clothes on their bodies, particularly those who suffer from anxiety. And then, there are those dogs that have a weakened immune system, such as those that are old or that have a medical condition. These dogs need to be kept warm, so clothing can be useful in these circumstances.

Another benefit of clothing on your dog when out walking is that should he roll in anything he shouldn’t roll in, such as fox poop, it will be on the clothes rather than his fur. And let’s face it, it is definitely much easier to pop an item of dog clothing in the wash than it is to wash your pet.

Are Costumes Cruel?

Something that many people find amusing is when they put their dogs in costumes for different occasions throughout the year, such as at Halloween or Christmas. It is quite common to see photos of dogs dressed up in Christmas sweaters or in Santa hats over the holiday season and there is no end of costume choices for dogs come Halloween. But is this cruel?

Well, there are some who would give a resounding yes to that while others think it is just a little bit of fun and would say that their pet actually enjoys the attention he gets when placed in a costume.


The issue of whether to put your dog in clothing is really a personal one. Most dog owners, however, would agree that it would be wrong to force your pet into clothing if it were something that was causing him to become distressed. But if your dog does not mind being dressed up, then there is no harm.

Although, something you should be aware of is that it is never a good idea to leave your dog in clothing for too long, and especially when he is sleeping. The clothing can cause irritation and make it uncomfortable for your dog.

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