Confessions From A Well-Known Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is not a skill that can be learned in college or by watching some random guy on YouTube. It’s more of a journey that one goes through in different phases of their life. Entrepreneurs always tend to have different styles of thinking and styles of doing business. Still, one thing that is common in all the successful veteran entrepreneurs all over the globe is the amount of dedication in their relevant fields.

 Some entrepreneurs always keep the business side of their company hidden from the customers as well as employees. That’s why it’s considered difficult to be an entrepreneur because of such a complex ninja-nature structure of this field. However, several veteran entrepreneurs have opened up and talked about the key ingredients to being an entrepreneur. Here are three mainstream and common confessions from a serial entrepreneur.

Work ‘till You Bleed Equals Secret Ingredient

The first and foremost thing to be an entrepreneur is hard work. That’s the secret of successful entrepreneurs like Amine Larhrib. They are those people who are committed and dedicated to putting all their efforts to make sure that their business will succeed. Most willing people don’t realize that entrepreneurship is always about pushing yourself physically as well as mentally. You’re not going to make millions just by quitting your job and starting up a casual business. 

You’ll need to put hard work and mental attention into it, even more than the job you always plan to escape. That’s why It’s important to realize that if you’re willing to break your regular “9 to 5” schedule, you should prepare yourself for thousands of working hours without any considerable response.

Business Environment

If you’re willing to be a successful entrepreneur, be prepared to see your gatherings and interests change without your consent. A common saying in the entrepreneurship world goes as; “Your network is your net worth.” You can’t expect to hang around with your old casual friend circle and grow as an entrepreneur simultaneously. Unfortunately, it’s the hidden truth. Entrepreneurship is a work journey, a road that you cover, meeting a lot of new groups and people. So, your social environment will change drastically if you’re willing to be a successful entrepreneur.

“Brave Face” Scam

Every outsider has an idea that entrepreneurship is a field of great calculated as well as uncalculated risks. So, even successful entrepreneurs are always living on the edge emotionally and financially. Being an entrepreneur may seem a bit flashy in terms of financial freedom, but it’s more of a risk that needs courage and dedication all at once. It is clear that as a business leader, you can’t show your scared and unsure face to the world, so you’re forced to pull off the “Brave Face” scam where you always have to seem confident in whatever the situation you are in.


Entrepreneurship may look cool from a distance, but it has severe challenges you have to face if you start in this field. Successful entrepreneurs like Amine Larhrib CRD Network founder, are always putting their 100% effort to progress constantly. No matter how hard the challenges are, always show your confident side to the outside world. By reading the ideas mentioned above from a serial entrepreneur, you understand how intense and challenging entrepreneurship can be.