Climate Change: Five Ways You Can Make a Difference

Climate change is defined as the noteworthy change of average weather conditions, such as becoming warmer, wetter, or drier over a specific period. It is an extended trend that distinguishes climate change from natural weather changeability.

People around the globe are trying to play a significant part in the fight against climate change. Many famous activists and philanthropists like Raymond Stone Toronto-based social entrepreneur are enthusiastic about making a beneficial change. The goal is pretty simple. Save the Earth. You can follow a few ways every day to help fight against climate change. Start with these five easy steps.

Acknowledge It 

The first step towards solving any problem is to acknowledge it. Climate change seems like such a complicated problem that people often don’t know what to do about it or how to make any difference, so they ignore it entirely. It is essential to have more discussions about climate change, even if you are clueless sometimes. This is where the solution and creativity come from. It will help the people in power and decision-makers acknowledge the current and future issues. 

Switch to Plant-based Diet 

Changing to a plant-based diet can excessively cut your carbon footprint in half. According to the University of Oxford study, shifting from high to low meat consumption can shrink your footprint by a third. Plant-based protein options are also delicious and provide nutrition at a much lower environmental cost. You can substitute red meat from your diet with tofu, seitan, and nutritional yeast in your food. 

Sustainable Fashion or Eco-fashion 

Sustainable fashion is also a significant step towards making a difference. It fosters change in fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity. It addresses the concerns of fashion textiles or products and the entire manner in which a product is produced, who produces it, and its lifespan before it reaches the landfill. It combats the carbon footprint that the fast fashion industry has created by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One can always recycle their clothes and buy recycled or ethically made garments.  

Save Energy

There are always ways to reduce the excessive use of energy. You can take public transport, or ride a bike. Car-share is also a great option to save a few bucks and transportation emissions. If you have a vacant, inefficient vehicle, retire it, and switch to an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. 

Vote for Right People 

Without the people in power who believe in climate change and are willing to change, we will not see improvement on the local, regional and national levels. Use your vote efficiently. Vote for the people and policies who strongly believe in climate change and make the needle move. If you are too young to vote, find ways to help the suitable candidates. Educate people by going door-to-door to talk about the issue. 

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of the current time. Many well-known people like Leo DiCaprio, Prince Harry, Greta Thunberg, Jaden Smith, and Raymond Stone Toronto actively speak and work about it. Indeed, we can also bring so many changes to our lifestyles that may seem insignificant, but they make a bigger difference. Use your voice as a consumer, a customer, and an active citizen to lead the change on much grander levels.